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February 11, 2012

Danish Sex Scene

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These Danes must be really horny because this guy goes to town on this dark haired hottie on a couch. She literally gives him every part of her body to fuck in this Danish sex scene. Her big ass is pumped hard as her back is on the leather sofa but her ass is up in the air. Thanks to Dutch Fantasies we can all thoroughly enjoy this explicit Euro sex excursion. After watching this clip you might think about visiting this peaceful country, where many of the women are very sexually open.

This freaky chick even has her clit pierced, as you can easily see when she is getting pounded from behind. She probably gets nasty like this on a weekly basis and thank goodness she likes to be filmed while doing it. You have to see how hard and fast this guy slams his big cock inside of her twat and then at the end his sprays her pussy with his hot come.

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