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May 15, 2012

Victoria Blaze Fucked On Hands And Knees

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Don’t you love watching a hot girl on her hands and knees getting fucked hard? Victoria Blaze is just that hot chick to fit the bill as you can see from this fun video clip. She has a thick ass, natural tits, and long dark hair, but don’t forget that she comes from the Czech Republic. These Czech chicks really know how to have a blast in the sack, and her sweet ass is no exception.

She moans and groans while getting the piss pumped out of her, and then she flips over and takes his cock into her mouth. Don’t you want to be behind her, with your hands on her ass as you thrust deep inside of her wet puss?She is so damn sexy and soft that you would bust a nut quickly.

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May 1, 2012

Ivy & Pablo: Lunchtime Fantasy

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Ivy Pablo Lunchtime Fantasy

If you have not eaten your midday meal yet you might want to sit down and take in this crazy Lunchtime Fantasy scene from X-Art. Ivy is a gorgeous dark haired Czech girl with a sweet ass. Pablo is a well endowed dude with a love for Euro girl’s pussies. Together they have a sizzling experience of pleasing one another with her sitting on his dick.

You can see her tasty shaved pussy up close as he enters her and she closes her eyes in delight. They are one intense orgasm, reveling in their youth and firm bodies. Picture holding her hips as she dips up and down on your hardness and looks back at you.

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